Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mosek support for Windows on an ARM CPU

Until recently mainly Intel and AMD CPUs were employed in mainstream laptop and server computers. However, recently ARM based CPU has gained popularity, especially in the Apple world. Since there is a Windows version for ARM then a natural question is: when Mosek will support Windows on ARM?

Ultimately, Mosek is likely to be available for Windows on ARM. However, at least the following 3 conditions must be satisfied for that to happen:  
  1. Appropriate hardware must be available, e.g. we must be able to buy ARM based servers from DELL.
  2. The whole software ecosystem must be sufficiently mature, e.g. all the tools we require to build Mosek must be available.
  3. Some external software libraries such as an appropriate BLAS library must be available.
Based on historical experience it is unlikely that Mosek will be available for Windows on ARM  within the next 12 months. However, feel free to contact Mosek support if you would like to use Mosek on Windows ARM in the near future.

Note Mosek is available for Linux run on an ARM CPU.