Friday, July 24, 2015

MOSEK on GitHub

We are glad to announce that MOSEK has open its own page on GitHub:

The main purpose is to host repositories where we will publish additional material such as

  • utilities,
  • tutorials,
  • simple toolboxes,

that we develop as part of our daily activities. GitHub is the natural tool to make such small tools available to the general public: it is free, many people already have an account and works well!

We think it is another great way to share our work with users and help them get the most out of MOSEK. 

You are encouraged to submit issues and propose enhancements, as well as feedback! Nothing is more valuable than user experience... 

The code available on the GitHub comes as-is, and it does not fall under the terms of the MOSEK EULA.  Suitable licenses are included, typically MIT license for code and Creative Common BY for tutorial and other training material.