Friday, June 30, 2017

MOSEK 8.1 beta

We are releasing a beta version of MOSEK 8.1. It is available for download from a separate page

We expect it to replace the main branch 8.0 after a few months of testing. 

The API of version 8.1 is identical with 8.0, but there are other major upgrades:

  • Much faster implementation of the Python Fusion API. Depending on the use case the overhead of Fusion is reduced by a factor of 3-10 on large models.
  • C++ Fusion API is now available also for Windows, at least for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and newer. (Currently only 64bit; the 32bit version is in preparation)
  • Some performance improvements in the conic optimizer. Particularly for problems with many dense columns.
  • Much improved documentation for the Optimizer, Fusion and API reference.