Wednesday, April 30, 2014

End of Windows XP support

Windows XP came to an end of its life-cycle on April the 8th. As a consequence, it will be no longer supported by MOSEK as well.

For our user,s this means in practice that:

  • MOSEK will no longer be tested on Windows XP.
  • There will be no more bug-fixings related to Windows XP.
  • Performance tuning will not be carried out under Windows XP.
  • Compatibility of future releases of MOSEK, both major and minor, on Windows XP will not be guarantee.
As for all other issues, customers will receive support whatever platform they run MOSEK on. 

For any questions please contact us through support(at)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter time at MOSEK

Dear all,
next week people here at MOSEK will celebrate Easter, a national Holiday here in Denmark. Thus, not all of us will be at work full-time.

The support and sale service will be provided on a reduced basis:

  • From Monday 14/4 to Wednesday 16/4 the service might be reduced but active.
  • From Thursday 17/4 to Monday 21/4 there will be no support available.
All unresolved requests will be processed as soon as possible from Tuesday 22/4.

We wish all of you an Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MOSEK version available!

We are happy to announce that the new MOSEK release is now available to download from our download page.

Major Bug Fixings:

  • A bug in the sensitivity analysis.
  • A bug in the .NET SCopt interface.
  • An incorrect assert in the basis identification.
  • Objective cuts not working in the simplex optimizers when maximizing. 
  • A bug causing an assert on some dual infeasible problems.

Performance improvements:

  • Tuned the presolver for some nonlinear problems.
  • Tweaked the primal simplex optimizer.

Please also note we have updated the license agreement. For further details see the complete release note.