Monday, December 14, 2020

MOSEK in the browser and OptServer

Although both installing MOSEK and obtaining a trial license are very easy, it is now possible to get to know MOSEK directly in the browser with one click and no setup at all.


With a Google account you can run MOSEK in Google Colab notebooks. Click below to open the sample MOSEK Colab notebook in your user space and run it.

(You can also just download the notebook and run it in Jupyter or your favorite environment, but that's more than one click). Since this is a complete MOSEK installation in Python, the full Optimizer and Fusion APIs are available.

Javascript Fusion

The Fusion API is experimentally available in Javascript. Just click below to open the editor in the browser and start coding and solving optimization problems in our Fusion API.

An almost complete Fusion API is mapped through and you can run a number of ready examples.

How does it work?

The key to the simplicity lies in the fact that the actual optimizations are performed on our freely available demo Optimization Server (OptServer) running at On that page you can also find instructions for invoking remote optimization in all other MOSEK interfaces; that's how the Python notebooks calls the OptServer. The Javascript package runs the Fusion layer modeling in the browser and sends a JSON task object for remote optimization.

Our online demo server has problem size limits. If you like the concept of remote optimization it is almost as easy as this to set up your own demo OptServer in a docker container and use that to optimize.