Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Mosek with AmpliconArchitect

AmpliconArchitect (AA), a Python tool for genomic reconstruction used in cancer biology is in the process of updating that will make it compatible with all versions of MOSEK.

Until recently the tool was dependent on an older MOSEK API which required the use of MOSEK 8, making the installation process a bit more cumbersome, and making AA dependent on the discontinued, less accurate general convex optimizer.

With the new updates installing MOSEK for use with AA will be as simple as "pip install mosek" and one gets easy access to MOSEK upgrades the same way. AA will use MOSEK to solve its optimization tasks with the more accurate, faster conic solver.

We would like to thank Jens Luebeck for guidance and help with the installation, running and testing the new software.

For the time being you can try this new version via Jens' fork of AmpliconArchitect, where the readme file also provides all the necessary details. As always you can get a MOSEK personal academic license for academic use of AA via our website.