Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Mosek 10.2 and floating licenses

MOSEK 10.2 ships with the licensing software (FlexLM) upgraded to version 11.19.6. This has two implications.

  • On Linux, the new floating license server drops the long-lasting dependency on the LSB (Linux Standard Base) package. In particular, it can be installed on Linux distributions without LSB, primarily RHEL9 and Debian.
  • All floating license users who want to upgrade the clients to Mosek 10.2 must also upgrade the token server to one from Mosek 10.2, as the new clients will not talk to older token servers. As always, an upgrade of the token server does not affect older Mosek clients which will continue to work. See the licensing manual for more info.

Have a look at the installation manual for the token server and the release notes for MOSEK 10.2.