Thursday, September 21, 2023

Apple Silicon and Matlab R2023b

The MATLAB R2023b is the first stable release with native support for the Apple Silicon M1/M2 platform. 

The MOSEK Optimization Toolbox for MATLAB is available natively for Apple Silicon from MOSEK 10.1. It means that from version 10.1 there are two ways to use MOSEK in MATLAB on the M1/M2 platform:

  • (natively) Use the Apple Silicon release of MATLAB (version 2023b+, architecture MACA64) and the osxaarch64 MOSEK package, with its included toolbox for MATLAB.
  • (via Rosetta, the "old" way) Use the Intel release of MATLAB (any version, architecture MACI64) and the osx64x86 MOSEK package with its included toolbox for MATLAB. 
In other words, the architecture of MOSEK should match the architecture of the MATLAB installation.

The "old" way, with emulation via Rosetta, may be relevant for users of binary MATLAB packages which do not (yet) have native releases for M1/M2 but only for the Intel-based Macs. This is (currently) the case, for instance, with CVX.