Friday, August 6, 2021

MOSEK 9.3 is released

We have released MOSEK 9.3. Release notes:

This version is a direct continuation of 9.2 with no changes to existing interfaces. The new features are:

  • support for Linux on ARM64 (aarch64), including Optimizer API and Fusion API for C/C++,Java,Python,.NET. The interior-point and conic optimizers are single-threaded on that platform.
  • Updated FLEXlm to version 11.18. In particular, floating license users who upgrade clients to MOSEK 9.3 must also upgrade license server binaries (lmgrd) to the ones from the 9.3 MOSEK distribution for compatibility. The new license server is as always backwards compatible.
  • Improved performance when solving many tasks in parallel.