Friday, June 22, 2018

MOSEK at ISMP 2018

Here is a complete schedule of our talks at ISMP 2018 in chronological order:

Sven WieseThe Mixed-integer Conic Optimizer in MOSEKMixed-Integer Conic OptimizationMon, 5:00PMA. DURKHEIM, Bld. A
Henrik FribergProjection and presolve in MOSEK: exponential and power conesTheory and algorithms in conic linear programming 1Tue, 8:30AMS. LC5, Bld. L
Joachim DahlExtending MOSEK with exponential conesTheory and algorithms in conic linear programming 2Wed, 8:30AMS. 20, Bld. G
Erling AndersenMOSEK version 9Progress in Conic and MIP SolversWed, 3:15PMA. PITRES, Bld. O
MichaƂ AdamaszekExponential cone in MOSEK: overview and applicationsRelative Entropy Optimization IFri, 3:15PMS. LC5, Bld. L

Check the program for any last-minute changes.

The session on Mixed-Integer Conic Optimization (Mon, 5:00PM) is organized by Sven Wiese. The full program of that session is:

  • Lucas Letocart,  Exact methods based on SDP for the k-item quadratic knapsack problem
  • Tristan Gally, Knapsack Constraints over the Positive Semidefinite Cone
  • Sven Wiese, The Mixed-integer Conic Optimizer in MOSEK