Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MOSEK version 7.1 BETA available!

We are glad to announce that a beta version of the upcoming release 7.1 of our software is now available for download.

The main improvements and new features are:

* Improved performance of the mixed-integer conic optimizer

* Updated MPS reader with support for the CPLEX specific sections QMATRIX and QCMATRIX.

* The default MPS format has been changed to the free MPS format.

* Experimental support for reading the conic benchmark format. Semidefinite constraints and
variables are not supported yet.

* A new experimental feature for reformulating certain quadratically constrained into a conic

* In Fusion it is now possible to obtain optimizer statistics e.g. mixed integer gap etc.

* Access to some BLAS/LAPACK routines directly from the solver API.

To obtain a copy please visit

and select the relevant platform and operating system you like. We hope to have feed back from you!

Note that the beta version needs a valid license for MOSEK 7, trial and academic license included.

The MOSEK Team