Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2013 INFORMS Annual Conference

MOSEK will be present at the INFORMS Annual conference to be held at the Minneapolis Conference center from the October the 6th and to the October 9th.

The following MOSEK employees
  • Erling D. Andersen (CEO) 
  • Joachim Dahl (senior developer) 
  • Ulf Wors√łe (senior developer) 
will be present at the conference and is available for discussion about MOSEK and optimization in general.

Several MOSEK specific events have been organized at the conference:
  • Vendor workshop: MOSEK: A Software Package for Large-Scale Linear and Conic Optimization. Saturday Oct. 5, 12-2:30. 
  • Software demonstration: Erling D. Andersen,On Using MOSEK to Solve Large-Scale Linear and Conic Optimization Problems, Sunday Oct. 6, 13.30. 
  • Talk: Erling D. Andersen, Tour de MOSEK 7: The short version, Sunday Oct., 17:00. 
  • Booth. MOSEK has booth number #3 in the exhibition hall. Make sure you stop by the booth to pick up a free copy of the MOSEK modeling manual