Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Portfolio optimization whitepaper

We revised our whitepaper on portfolio optimization using MATLAB.

The whitepaper gives an introduction to portfolio optimization using the MOSEK conic optimizer from MATLAB, and includes topics such as:
  • Conic formulations of standard Markowitz portfolio problems.
  • Minimum risk/maximum return formulations.
  • Computing the efficient frontier.
  • Computing the maximum Sharpe ratio.
  • Exploiting low-rank structure in the covariance matrix to reduce solution time, including factor models.
  • Transaction costs with market impact, modeled as a conic quadratic problem.
  • Transactions cost with a fixed term, modeled as a conic mixed-integer problem. 
Furthermore, the revised version uses a dataset with historical data for the S&P500 index in all the examples.

The whitepaper can be downloaded from the MOSEK publications page.